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Insana Lab: Course List

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Mike at the beach
Mike on Santa Cruz Island off the coasts of Santa Barbara, CA Summer 2009
Mike with friend Craig Abbey on Santa Cruz Island off the coasts of Santa Barbara, CA Summer 2009
BIOE 298MI     Spring 2016     Math Methods
Instructor: Michael Insana
Pre-requisites: MATH 286, BIOE 205
Time: Lecture 9-10:20am TR, Discussion 1-2pm F

Topics: The language of systems analysis is linear algebra. Whether it is mechanical or electrical devices, cells metabolizing and communicating, or modeling other linear-system behavior with Matlab, the use of matrices is a fundamental engineering skill. This course introduces matrix methods with applications in medical instruments and systems biology that are core to bioengineering.

pdf Syllabus
pdf HW1
pdf HW2
pdf HW3
pdf HW4
pdf ConvolutionExample
pdf OrthogonalExamples
pdf HW 5
pdf HW6

BIOE 198 MI     Spring 2018     Biomedical Data Analysis
Instructor: Michael Insana
Pre-requisites: None
Time: 3:00p-4:50p MW

Topics: This computational laboratory provides hands-on experience with formatting, analyzing, and visualizing biomedical data. Based in Matlab, students learn to read data from instruments or simulate data using numerical models in one and several dimensions. Statistical methods are introduced for managing stochastic data at various scales. Lecturing is minimized to save the majority of time for hands on problem solving. The objective is to gain experience solving fundamental engineering problems that focus on medical and biological applications. The course is designed for first year undergraduate students as a preview to upper-level BIOE courses.

pdf Primer
pdf Syllabus
pdf Lab1
pdf Lab1S (MATLAB Script)
pdf Lab2 (Updated)
pdf Lab2S (MATLAB Script)
pdf Lab2S_v2 (MATLAB Script)
pdf ProjectileMotion_fn (MATLAB Script)
pdf Lab2 (Report Guidelines)
pdf Lab3 (Updated)
pdf Lab3 help slides
pdf Lab3S1 (MATLAB Script)
pdf Lab3S2 (MATLAB Script)
pdf Lab3 (Report Guidelines)
pdf Lab 4
pdf Lab 4S (Matlab script)
pdf Lab5_v3
pdf Lab5S (MATLAB Script)
pdf Lab 6 v2
pdf Lab6S (MATLAB Script)
pdf Lab7_v3
pdf Lab7S (MATLAB files)
pdf BacterialGrowthRates
pdf Lab 8 v2
pdf Lab8S (Script)
pdf Lab8 sample images
pdf Project data
pdf Final Project Handout

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