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Insana Lab: Ultrasound Research Interface (URI)

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The URI Offline Processing Tools (URI-OPT) provides Matlab-based non-proprietary programs for reading and processing RF data acquired from a URI-equipped Antares system.

URI-OPT is developed by Jerome Mai at UC Davis, in collaboration with Siemens and Duke University.

Mixed mode data (BCD, before arrangement)

Here you will find examples and tutorials on how to use URI-OPT for the display of different imaging modes.
Please first follow the instructions in the downloads page and install the URI-OPT so you can run the programs on your own computer.

B-Mode: 2D grayscale images of log-compressed envelop of RF.

2D Color Doppler: 2D color-coded velocity profile mapped on B-Mode images.

More Color Doppler: examples of Color Doppler display using different parameters.

Scan conversion: Scan-converting rectangular images into sector or parallelogram display.

M-mode: time variation of the grayscale intensity of an axial line.

Spectral Doppler: displays of Doppler spectrum as a function of time vs. velocity of data acquired along an axial segment.

Misc. Functions: other useful tools in URI-OPT not specific to one imaging mode.

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