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Insana Lab: Ultrasound Research Interface (URI)

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Miscellaneous Functions

This page lists some of the useful URI-OPT functions not specific to a single imaging mode.

Note: Both the URI software and the Offline Processing Tools are still under development. Parameters of the programs are subject to change.

URIframe.m: Auto Imaging Mode Selector
URIframe prompts user for file, then based on FileHeader.cfh0.SequencingMode, it will call the corresponding imaging mode (URIBmode, URICBmode, etc).
If you are tyring to process an URI RF data file, but not sure what imaging mode it was acquired under, then URIframe.m is the program to use.

URIcontrast.m: Contrast and Brightness Adjustment
URIcontrast allows user to adjust the brightness and contrast of the grayscale part of an image.
By calling URIcontrast in Matlab, the top-most figure's colormap (not the data intensity) will be changed when user adjust a the scroll-bars on the newly-popped-up graphical-interface.
If a figure contains both grayscale and color in its colormap, as in the case of color flow images, only the grayscale B-mode background would be affected by URIcontrast.
Note: scan-converted image may take a little more time to respond after adjusting the scroll-bars due to the nature of the display algorithm.

URIheadername.m: File Header Search Tool
URIheadername allows user to search for a keyword in the list of file header names.
The current FileHeader structure's field names matching the keyword will be displayed in the Matlab command window.
It is useful for searching for parameters in the file header when one does not know their header names.
  FileHeader = URIfileheader;
  HeaderList = URIheadername(FileHeader, 'hz')
  >>HeaderList =

URI2MAT.m: Data Format Conversion
URI2MAT prompts user for a URI file, then each frame of its RF data from is loaded as 2D matrices, stripped of file headers, and automatically saved as independent *.mat Matlab binary files with sequential filenames specified by user.
Note: Frames of mixed modes (BC, BD, etc) data are saved as 2D matrix without any re-ordering.

URIhelp.m: Help on the web
URIhelp directs the user to the website you are reading right now. (

URIload.m, URIfileheader.m: Alternative File Loader
URIload loads a single frame from the URI RF data file. Its optional inputs can specify starting and ending vectors and samples to be loaded.
URIfileheader loads the file header from a data file. It can also generate some header info for non-URI files.

readFile.m, readData.m, readHeader.m: Alternative File Loader
readFile used readData.m and readHeader.m to output data. This is coded by Siemens.
readData is similar to URILoad, but it can output all data frames instead of just a single frame, but it lacks ability to load only portion of data. This is code by Siemens.
readHeader is used by many URI-OPT programs to load the file header of URI data. It acts as a gateway to read different version of URI header formats. This is co-written by Siemens and UC Davis.

URITHI.m: Tissue Harmonic Imaging
URITHI displays the B-mode image acquired in Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) mode with URI. Its prompted parameters are similar to that of URIBmode.m

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