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Insana Lab: Ultrasonic Imaging - The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Insana Lab: Ultrasound Research Interface (URI)

Download URI-OPT

Please turn off any popup blocker and then left-click on the link(s) to download.
Once you have downloaded the zip file, please unzip its contents to a directory and add the directory to Matlab's path.
Please remove any previous versions of URI-OPT from Matlab's path before running this version.
Requirement: MATLAB 5.3 or above, with Signal Processing Toolbox installed.
The files have been tested on the Windows platform, screen resolution 1024x768.
The zipped file contains both the URI Offline Processing Tools (URI*.m files) and the Header Reader. URI-OPT files are copyrighted by UC Davis; Header Reader files are copyrighted by Siemens.

Download current version:

URI-OPT version 0.84 (zipped, 113KB, 12/5/2004)

Sample URI RF data files:

You will need to decompress these zip files before loading them with URI-OPT. Each zip file also contains a JPEG file showing the processed image for you to compare your own results with. For color flow and spectral Doppler modes, an attached text file lists the parameters used in the sample process, which are the default setting and parameters automatically loaded from the file header.

URI 2D B-mode sample RF data
(zipped, 4.79MB, 9/25/2003)
Multi-layered phantom image acquired with phased array, using multiple transmit focal zones. (Blending is used.)

URI 2D color flow sample RF data
(zipped, 5.00MB, 9/25/2003)
Flow inside 4.2mm-ID silicone tubing embedded in gelatin-graphite phantom.

URI M-mode sample RF data
(zipped, 6.54MB, 9/25/2003)
Cyclic compression on a multi-layered phantom.

URI spectral Doppler sample RF data
(zipped, 18.4MB, 9/25/2003)
Oscillating flow inside flow phantom tubing for 3.1 seconds.


Here you can find some older versions of URI-OPT. However, they may not be compatible with the latest versions of URI header format.

URI-OPT ver0.83 (5/31/2004)

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